• Serving Alberta since 2007
  • Serving the Bow Valley since 2013
  • Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths
  • Mobile services offered in Downtown Banff
  • Weekend and evening appointments available

Services & Rates

We provide both Notary Public (for outside Alberta) and Commissioner for Oaths (for within Alberta) services. Our rates are based on the total number of notary/commissioner signatures required for certification, and/or total number of copies if you are getting true copies of documents.

Basic Rates

Appointment Rates

  • $50 + GST for the first notarization.
  • $30 + GST for each additonal notarization.

Trust the experts - we offer a “No-Risk” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you experience any problems with your document due to the manner or form in which it was notarized, we will work with you to fix the problem, no matter how long it takes, at no additional charge.

Additional Services

If a document requires the verification and signing of a photograph, the signing of an exhibit, or a witness signature, there will be a surcharge of $10 per photograph, exhibit or witness signature.

For notarization of a guarantee under the Guarantees Acknowledgement Act (or similar legislation), there will be a surcharge of $20 per notarization, due to the extra time and attention that is necessary to complete this task.

In certain cases, such as real estate transactions, it is important to ensure proper and timely completion. In this case, the notary is also acting as an agent. For more information these rates, click here

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